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CA: Sword Masters FAAAAAIL by DemonBunny CA: Sword Masters FAAAAAIL by DemonBunny
I just wanted to visualize skin tone and hair color. BUT...

omg. I fail so bad. For the longest time ever, I've always thought Araris had black hair and from the start, I saw Miles with blond hair. GAH, when I found out they were brothers I was like, "OH HECKS NAW." And then in AF, it mentions Araris had brown hair which threw me off completely. Poo. So I fixed that, despite how unhappy I was about it.

And then Aldrick. I've pictured him kinda looking like Haar from Fire Emblem (except buffer and without the eyepatch, duh) --> [link]
Of course, that was thrown out the widow too when I found out that he was dark skinned and had a beard. (I still have no idea what his hair color is though..)

So probably the most accurate design I have right now is Septimus. Because he was sorta dead before the series started and only appears in flashbacks. Drat. >___>

Characters © Jim Butcher, Codex Alera
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I find it funny that whichever one is second from the left is exactly how I imagined Aldrick.
It's alright, I still think it's pretty good. Better than what I can do. Are you gonna redo it because if you do I would like to see it.
I think I'm drooling. XD
I always thought Aldrick seemed like he'd be a blonde >.>

And Septimus is epic XD
awww! i like the designs. and if he really was that worred about us knowing the details of their apperances, he should have told us clearly. *nods*

by the by, i almost peed myself when i found out YES, there was someone who liked CA on here. there is a depressing lack of fanart for butcher....
Love this book series! Such a shame the fan-fiction and fan-art is soooo tiny! I love your four, I've been hunting for Septimus!!! Now if only I could find drawings of the Aquitanes... and the Antillus brother's life could be complete.
I dont care what anyone says.
Araris and Miles couldnt touch Aldrick ex Gladius!
every time hes in the damn book I just get psyched XD.

hm, I wonder if max will be in there to by the time princept's fury comes out.

also, yeah araris I always imagined with black hair, and it looks like we got the same impression of Aldrick to, haha.
Aldrick is freakin' made of win.

And yeah. I want more Max. He totally missed out on some important things in the last book, lol.
Lookit Rari, all awesome lookin! *pets*
Favorite character. I go through each book carefully and mark all the pages where he's leaking awesome all over the place and such so I can re-read it. i.e., the whole RarixIsana plot in CF.
But seriously, this is awesome. I love all your Codex Alera stuff. Great work; nice style.
Thanks! Oh yes.... That part where Rari almost died, omg. I freaked out.
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